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Is There Water Damage in Your Home?

water damage repairs fairfield county ctWater damage ranging from mild to severe can be caused at any times by heavy storms, flooding, or even just a leak in your plumbing system. When your home has water damages, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. At Bernco Painting, our painters in Milford, CT can help you minimize any further damage and completely restore your home with our water damage repairs service, available for Fairfield County residential and commercial properties.

However, many homeowners may not even know when their homes have been damaged by water. Because you need to take care of water damage as soon as possible, it's important to look out for these signs:

Water Stains, Bubbling, and Cracking

Water damage can often cause the plaster, paint, or wallpapers on your ceilings or walls to bubble or crack. If you notice that your walls have a strange appearance, they may be suffering from water damage. Water stains will often appear as brown discolorations.

  • If the water stains are on a ceiling, it may indicate a leak in your roof or attic.
  • On your walls, water stains can indicate a leak inside your walls.
  • If water stains are on your floors, it's probably damage from a leak in the ceiling above the floors.

Crumbling Walls

As the drywall, wood, or plaster in your home absorbs water, the material will begin to swell, which often causes a bucking that is very apparent in the walls. Buckling or crumbling walls are usually a clear sign that serious water damage has occurred. Crumbling wood or plaster around windows, baseboards, or molding is a also a sign of water damage that you should not ignore.

Contact our Fairfield county restoration contractors as soon as possible.

Smells and Sounds

Even if you can't see the signs, there could still be major water damage in your home. A musty, damp, or earthy small in any room of your home could mean that water damage has occurred and led to the growth of mold or mildew.

You may also be able to hear a water leak in your home. If you believe that you can hear a pipe leaking, turn off all of your plumbing fixtures and make sure that your home is as quiet as possible, then listen for the sound of water running.

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